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Finding Grace

 A journey of trust, faith and obedience in God's plan for your life.

Life, Faith, Confidence

After a series of devesting personal losses, Larry Randolph finally had things under control. Then one morning while praying, he felt God speak two simple works: "therapy dogs".

There was only one problem, Larry didn't have a dog and hadn't since the loss of his beloved basset hound, Gus.

"But then came Gracie."

Together, Larry and his beloved white Labrador retriever Gracie brought hope and healing to hundreds of sick and lonely people. But when Larry's own life took a shocking and terrifying turn, it was up to Gracie to rescue Larry and his family too.

Written by Larry Randolph and bestselling author Jennifer Marshall Bleakley(author of Joey  and Pawverbs), Finding Grace is the inspiring story of a man willing to take a leap of faith and the four-legged companions by his side.

Available at Amazon or bookstores everywhere.

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