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Meet Mona, A Gift from God!

Updated: May 18

Dear Chaplain Larry, I am a single mom of four and we are domestic violence victims. I endured the abuse of my ex-husband too long. My youngest son suffered a major amount of abuse and although I have tried all kinds of services and therapies, he has become more withdrawn, depressed and lacking the ability to care about himself, school or other activities. His confidence is low, and he struggles to make friends. It has been mentioned that a therapy dog would benefit him. He has wanted a dog for a while. My income is exceedingly small, we have the time as we homeschool, and I am seeking help with my little boy before I lose him. He has no father in his life and the mentor that I did find for him violently sexually assaulted him. He is only 11 and as a mom I am just trying to bring my little boy back. I have investigated therapy animals before but the wait and the cost is too much for my family. My son has asked our pastor to speak to you regarding getting him a dog. He needs help now, he needs a friend, who he can trust. He loves animals. We are in protective custody, and we are afraid. Please can you help us?

This note came to us out of desperation from the heart of a mother seeking help for her son that has been through terrible trauma in his young life. If you got this note, what would you do? What would you like for Canines for Christ to do? Well, I have good news! After much prayer and considerable resources from our volunteers both financially and volunteering their time, God has led us to locating a beautiful Yorkshire terrier that was living in Ohio. Along with our volunteer, we flew the dog to Tampa to go through training to become a service and therapy dog for this young boy. After weeks of training, this sweet and loving dog obtained a registered service dog designation, and we then flew the volunteer trainer and the dog to a secure location where the family was presented this gift of unconditional love.

 Follow up note from the mother……... thank you brother Larry for allowing God to use you as a sharp tool in God's hand. This beautiful dog who we have named Mona, has given my son something to look forward to. Although things are rough for him now, I know God is in the picture. You have shown great care and kindness for a family you have never met and giving unselfishly to my son during this very hard time for us. It is a mother's worst nightmare that I am trying to navigate through, I am holding onto every bit of light that God has brought to our lives that shows me I am not forsaken or forgotten. His promises bring comfort to my pain. Your kindness has brought a smile to this hurting families' face. Thank you for being there for us!




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